Star Dance Team

Slava Aladinskiy

Owner / Instructor
2018 USA National Professional American Rhythm Champion

Viacheslav (Slava) Aladinskiy is a Russian born and trained Ballroom dancer with an on going career of over 20 years. With a university degree in physical culture (specialization in ballroom dance) and participation in multiple competitive ballroom dance clubs throughout Europe, Slava posses a high level of knowledge in the dance field. 

Since the age of 8, Slava has been competing internationally in both standard and latin. Prior to moving to America, some of his placements include North Kazakhstan Champion, 3rd place at the Portugal National Championship, and a latin finalist at the world open. 

Slava now calls Arizona home and is excited by all the opportunities it has to offer. Since living here he's already been able to make huge impacts and seen exponential success and happiness from his students. He's excited for all the positive journeys Star Dance is sure to bring!

Stefanie Taylor


Stefanie Taylor is an Arizona State University Masters in Business Management graduate. While at ASU, Stefanie was a member of the ASU Ballroom dance team where she competed across the West Coast at multiple Ballroom dance competitions.

Since becoming partners, Slava and Stefanie have attended many competitions and dance events across the country. The most recent competition was held in Miami, FL where top Latin couple Nina Bezzubova and Timur Immadinov competed. 

Currently Stefanie's favorite dance style is Samba. She enjoys Samba for of all of it's fast movements and because it is always paired with great, energetic music! 

Stefanie is excited to be a part of the Star Dance team and all the great opportunities that are sure to come!