Quinceanera Dance Packages
#1 Quinceanea Dances and Court Dances, Affordble, Peronalized, Star Dance

Quinceaneras are always full of excitement, extravagant details, and lots of energy. Star Dance is here to help your dance to be just as amazing! 

At Star Dance our instructors are ready to choreograph a special dance for you and your court that is personalized to the type of music and style you desire. Join us today and let's get dancing!  


Ruby Package - $250 

  • 3 Private Lessons                                                                            $225 Value

  • Basic Choreography to your song (1 song)                                   $250 Value

  • Free recording of your choreography  

       $475 Value for $250



Diamond Package - $350

  • 5 private lessons                                                                              $375 Value

  • Specialized dance choreographed to your song(s)                       $300 Value

  • Music preparation/cutting                                                               $50 Value

  • Free recording of your choreography 

  • Solo practice performance at a Friday dance party                     $50 Value  

       $775 Value for $350

*Prices may vary if more than four individuals. Please contact us through e-mail or phone for more details.